easysearch is our innovative 'charity search engine' where you can raise valuable extra funds for your cause - just by searching online! We've given Inverurie Hockey Club  their very own unique search page

All you need to do is bookmark this page or make it your Homepage, then every time you search the web you'll raise funds!
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When using easyfundraising always login using your username & password. This is how our system recognises who you are and who we should reward if you make any purchases.

Your Account
Every donation generated from your online purchases will be clearly displayed in Your Account . Please note that although most retailers will confirm your donation within hours of your transaction, some can take up to 30 days to respond. If your donation is still not displayed after 30 days please let us know and we'll contact the retailer to investigate.

FREE Funds
Using our  Free Funds page you can earn over £80.00 for your cause right away - without spending a penny! Some retailers make FREE donations for participating in free trials, switching to their service or even just for registering your email address with them!

Special Offers
Our Special Offers page is regularly updated with new 'Internet-only' discounts, special offers and even money saving 'eVouchers'. Many offers are exclusive to easyfundraising members that you won't find even on the retailer's own website or in-store.

Norton Internet Security Users / Internet Browser Settings
If you use Norton Internet Security you will need to make some minor changes to ensure tracking works correctly on your PC or laptop - click here . Please also take a moment to check that the settings on your Internet Browser are optimised for order tracking, otherwise some of your orders may not track correctly - click here .

Refer A Friend
Tell as many people as you can - family, friends, work colleagues - about our FREE fundraising service. Inverurie Hockey Club can also benefit when they shop online, and raise even more funds!! We have created a special  Refer-a-Friend page to make it easy for you to do this.

To ensure our messages are not blocked and incorrectly treated as SPAM, please add admin@easyfundraising.org.uk  to your address book, favourites or 'buddy list'. Future Developments
We have many new developments planned for the forthcoming months. Included is a 'Price Comparison' style service where with the click of a mouse, you'll be able to search all easyfundraising retailers to find the best prices for the goods you are looking to purchase. We are also developing a system whereby your PC will 'remind' you if you ever start shopping but forget to login to easyfundraising first. We know that with fundraising every penny counts, so this will ensure your cause does not lose out on any valuable donations, however large or small!

We'll let you know just as soon as these and many other exciting new developments we are working on become available.

Our aim is to make easyfundraising a useful site for you to use when you shop online, and where at no extra cost you'll raise funds for Inverurie Hockey Club . If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about our service please  contact us

The easyfundraising Team
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